The PFUR quality assurance strategy in higher education is based on the quality policy declared and in the framework of the established quality management model. This strategy is published in “The Strategical Plan of the PFUR Development up to 2012”, approved at the University conference of the faculty, employees and students of the PFUR on January 31, 2006.
    The document defines the main lines of activity, for which strategic objectives and ways of quality upgrading are indicated.
    Educational and methodological activities
    Objective 1: the high quality assurance of the of internationally recognized education
    Objective 2: the establishment of a broad academic partnership between PFUR and foreign institutions of higher education in implementing joint educational programmes
    Objective 3: creation of adequate material base and infrastructure of the educational process
    Scientific and innovative activities
    Objective 1: integration of scientific research and educational process at all levels of training
    Objective 2: raising of the scientific research in PFUR to the level of the best Russian universities
    Objective 3: integration into the world educational area
    International activities
    Objective 1: development of bilateral and multilateral international connections of the PFUR
    Objective 2: development of export of education
    Objective 3: keeping in touch with the foreign graduates
    Educational (social) work
    Objective 1: education of students in the spirit of mutual respect and peoples friendship
    Objective 2: training and development of the students’ civicism and social activity
    Further professional education
    Objective 1: providing the PFUR with well-trained university applicants
    Objective 2: developing a system of life long learning
    PFUR IT development
    Objective 1:meeting the information demands in the integrated virtual space of the PFUR
    Objective 2: improving the technology of knowledge delivery and education quality control
    Objective 3: implementation of computer assisted management in the University and in the educational process
    Economic activity
    Objective 1: double growth of the University budget by 2012
    Objective 2: outrunning growth of the faculty wages in comparison with the average wages in Russia’s higher education
    Objective 3: increase of the dormitory lodging places by more than 50%
    Objective 4: putting into operation at least 100 000 m2 of new floorspace
    The University Management
    Objective 1: the development and implementation of up-to-date logistics into the University management system
    Objective 2: increasing the administrative self-dependence of the PFUR subdivisions
    Objective 3: reducing the risks and strengthening security in all the the PFUR’s lines of activities
    Quality process performance indices are determined for each of the PFUR’S lines of activity as well as their ultimate values for the years 2005-2009 and for 2012 both for the PFUR as a whole and for each department and institute.